Why the Woodeex Rank ?

The Woodeex Rank has been thought and powered based on the observation that the choice of a diamond, involving both technical criteria and financial considerations, is almost impossible without expert knowledge or specialized assistance.

Our objective is to provide you, through a rating, with important additional information and decision-making support in the final choice of your diamond.

What is the Woodeex Rank ?

The Woodeex Rank is a scoring system that compares each diamond according to quality criteria and assigns it a rating based on its best quality/price ratio.

This score, up to 10, is calculate on the basis of professional within the worldwide Diamond Exchanges and not on retail prices.

The objective is to offer customers the best quality/price ratio among the cheapest diamonds on the market.

When a diamond gets the score of 10/10 it is notified :

Best deal

The Woodeex Rank goes even further

All diamonds on Woodeex are offered at professional prices, up to 3 times cheaper than in jewelry stores. We therefore decided to analyse, compare and assign a score to each diamond also on the same basis of prices charged on the professional diamond market and not on the basis of retail prices in jewelry stores.

We are, both in the score assigned and in the prices offered by diamantaires, on the most upstream on the value chain of the diamond industry. This means that even a diamond whose score is less than 10, its price remains much lower than the retail prices in jewelry stores.

How is the Woodeex Rank calculated ?

Created by algorhitms, the Woodeex rank calculates the score of each diamond on 77 different criteria and more than 100,000 data points analyzed.

For each diamond we score, we don’t stop at the usual 4 criteria representing the 4’Cs (Carat, color, size, clarity).

We also consider its shape and fluorescence, or even other criteria such as polishing symmetry etc.

In addition, we compare each diamond to its fairest value in the professional diamond market and compare it to other diamonds in all diamantaires.