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revolutionizing the diamond sector

Created by diamond dealer Daniel Sieradzki, Woodeex is the first diamond exchange that gives you direct access to a wide choice and variety of diamonds without mediation, straight from source.

Woodeex opens the door to a secret world usually closed to non-professionals, by giving you access to its exclusive network of professional diamond dealers from the world's largest diamond exchanges located in Antwerp, Mumbai, Ramat Gan, and New York.

Balancing tradition and innovation, Woodeex combines the expertise of long-time diamond professionals with modern technologies, using innovative tools, such as "Smart Search" and the “Woodeex Assistant," to help you find the perfect diamond, based on your criteria.

A three-generation legacy

Daniel Sieradzki represents the third generation of a Belgian family from Antwerp, home to one of the world's leading diamond exchanges. He was raised in the magical world of diamonds, taught by his father and grandfather, two renowned professionals. From an early age, he internalized the importance of transparency, trust, and ethics in the diamond business.

After 25 years of experience, Daniel Sieradzki founded Woodeex in 2020, disrupting the diamond industry with his novel idea. Exclusively focused on diamonds, this unprecedented platform enables every buyer to purchase diamonds directly from trusted sources at the top of the diamond industry supply chain, ensuring ultimate transparency and the best and most personalized purchase possible.

Why buy from Woodeex?

Why Woodeex?

Access to Diamond Exchanges

Doors opening to a secret world usually closed to non-professionals.

Our Diamond Dealers

Our network of sellers are trusted and certified diamond professionals.

Ethical and Transparency

A transparent and ethical supply chain sourcing

Thousands of Diamonds

Access to a wide choice and variety of diamonds.

Best Market Prices

Straight from the source, without intermediaries.

Secure Transactions

The Woodeex guarantee secures all your transactions.

We're waiting for you...

Another way to experience diamonds.

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Israel Office

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