Diamantaire since 2005

Member of the Diamond Exchange of Ramat Gan

The Diamantaire store
Moshe talks about the company :
Abraham founded in June 1970 a diamond company in the Antwerp Diamond Exchange. After managing various aspects of the company, Abraham's son – Moshe established his company in 2005. Moshe developed a similar system to his father's and now caters to those who inquire about larger top-quality stones. Today, my company is home-based in the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange in Israel. We handle high-end diamonds ranging from 1000 stones per carat to 15.00 carats, D-K color, and FL-SI2 clarity. We have a regularly renewed, very high stock level of diamonds cut in China and Russia using state-of-the-art tools. It is thus one of the very few companies being able to immediately provide perfectly- cut precisely calibrated diamonds in significant quantities. With over 3,500 people worldwide, relying on us for employment and their livelihoods, our responsibility to them and our associates is our firmest guarantee that we will keep on excelling. We are known for our consistent product quality, reliability, and efficiency. Being a major continuous supplier to the leading Jewellery companies is a testimony to the company’s dedication to consistent assortments and quality control.