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Chintan talks about the company :
We are of the highly noted Manufacturer and Exporters of Natural Diamonds and India’s one of the leading Diamantaire, inaugurating benchmarks not just for the sheer scale of performance, but also for product quality, precision, variety, integration of advanced technology, manufacturing and wider social responsibility. At one part of the chain we work with established well-known and leading mining companies, while at the other, our client list covers many of the world’s best and most revered Diamond jewelry and Diamond watch manufacturers, Diamond Traders and Online or Offline Jewelers. We are in diamond manufacturing operations since 1995, and ever since there has been steady expansion worldwide, with advances both in terms of the exclusive range of product furnishing as well as superior-quality and service for Diamond and Jewelry Industry. Our success in business has been driven by the willingness to evolve, to adapt to the requirement of a constantly changing environment. This approach is itself deeply rooted in the Company’s philosophical outlook, or should we say the way of life. Trust, Integrity, Ethics are the cornerstones of the set up that our company has established and our success begin from the 5P assets Principle, Passion, Partnership, Progress and Performance Which are the magical sutras. We works as from concept to creation that is brainstormed and outlined with our professional, Talented and Experienced Diamond craftsmen’s. Moreover, we deal in luxury & unique atelier where creation & innovation is celebrated, craftsmanship is cherished and beauty of diamond reigns. Get Start to your Diamond PurchaseJourney with us by today itself. Our operation is one of the highest levels of global polished diamond production with all aspects of supply chain involving diamond sourcing, cutting, assortment & manufacturing. Hence; we are highly involved in each and every cycle of the process to ensure complete control & overall quality assurance so that our client’s know they are getting the best products available. Our manufacturing facility is in India and the polished products are supplied with certificates from the best-known global diamond grading lab named GIA the Gemological Institute of America. Our firm has 25 years’ experience in selling cut and polished certified in the diamond jewellery market having the biggest suppliers in Hong Kong, China, USA, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Korea, Canada, Singapore and UAE and every country where the delivery possible. We know that clients want value for money and polished certified diamonds that exactly fit their requirements and that are delivered on time. And this has enabled us to create a client list of the most prestigious diamond manufacturers and retailers worldwide.