Diamantaire since 1985

Member of the Diamond Exchange of Ramat Gan

The Diamantaire store
Alex talks about the company :
We are a diamond trade company, established over 20 years ago. It is an international company with offices in Israel and Belgium. We cut and polish rough diamonds into the polished and finished products at our factory in Tel-Aviv. By choosing from our easy- to- use fixed categories, you will feel confident thatyour selection exactly matches the stones you need, within your budget. We offer to our customers the opportunity to search for specific polished diamonds, to check out each diamond's unique specifications and to see our prices. The company specializes also in producing rough diamonds by fixed categories. These categories have traditionally characterized the company throughout its existence. This provides absolute guarantee of what our customers are buying and they can be confident that they will receive exactly what they expect when ordering rough diamonds. Our company conducts fruitful business relations with Belgium, India, China and Thailand.
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