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Diamantaires verified

Woodeex secures diamantaires by selecting diamond manufacturers and wholesalers operating exclusively in one of the four most important worldwide diamond exchanges. Trust and confidence are a fundamental value of diamantaires, preserved through the practices of the industry. The rules and traditions governing the diamond exchanges are very strict. They have an in-house judicial system to settle the disputes between diamantaires and to protect the interests of all the players of the sector. The procedure for acceptance as a member of any of diamond exchanges is very selective, for obvious security reasons.



Diamonds control and secure payments

Woodeex checks all diamonds from suppliers before shipment in order to control the good conformity of the diamond. Moreover, Woodeex secures payments by holding the amount of the sale. After your legal withdrawal period, Woodeex will send the payment to the supplier.



 100% money back guarantee

The commitment of Woodeex to you does not end at the delivery of your order. To ensure you a purchase with confidence, you have 14 days from the date of receipt to return your diamond for an exchange or for a refund.



 Free insured shipping

Woodeex provide you a free and insured shipping through companies specialized in the secure transportation of valuables, particularly in the worldwide transportation of diamonds.



Diamond grading report

All the diamonds present on Woodeex are certified by the most respected and accurate laboratories recognized by the diamond industry as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), the Hoge Raad voor Diamond (HRD) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Algorithms and diamond experts advices

Because the choice of a diamond is not always easy and can be the subject of many questions, we are happy to provide you three online services :


1. Smart filter.

The Smart is a filter powered by algorithms that takes into account the entire inventory of Woodeex. It compares the prices and characteristics and will suggest you the best diamond of each of the following three categories:


1: the biggest carat weight
2: the highest quality
3: the good compromise


2. Woodeex assistant.

SARA (Smart Assistance with Results by Algorithm) the Woodeex Assistant is our online service for personalized support in your search. Sara will help Woodeex understand better your expectations and guide you in the selection of your diamond. Based on your answers, three different options of the best diamonds, according to their quality/price ratio, will be proposed to you at the end of the process.


3. The Diamond experts 

Through our customer service, by chat, by email or by phone, our diamond experts are at your disposal to answer your questions and to advise you in the most independent way because we are not direct sellers. So we can provide you the best advice.



Conflict Free diamond

All diamonds presents ont the Woodeex platform adhere to the Kimberley agreements and to the "System of Warranties". Therefore, the diamonds sold on Woodeex are guaranteed “ Conflict Free”.