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A diamond and nothing else

Woodeex is a digital diamond exchange and not an online jewelry store which brings together within its platform diamond dealers from the four major world diamond exchanges located in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York and Mumbai.

Our DNA, expertise and know-how are essentially based on diamonds.

Choosing a diamond, which includes technical criteria and financial aspects, is practically impossible to do without in-depth knowledge or expert assistance.

This is why we have chosen to focus all our efforts exclusively on offering you something groundbreaking:

Access to Diamond Exchanges
Access to our exclusive network of diamond dealers
A wide choice and variety of diamonds
Best Market Prices
Smart technologies in helping to choose a diamond
Diamond experts customer service
The purchase Woodeex way

Purchasing a diamond is typically the first step in creating a piece of custom designed jewelry, which is commonly associated with an engagement or any other important event.

Once the diamond is purchased, the next step is choosing the setting, which pertains to aesthetics, such as design, choice of metal, all which is ultimately a matter of personal taste.

To do this, we offer you a variety of timeless classics design sublimating the diamond. We also personalize the experience by creating a tailor-made setting just for you. You just have to send us the picture of the piece of jewelry you would like us to make and we will send you a quote shortly.

Our customer service is at your disposal to accompany and guide you in this last step.